On the Road, Day 8: “On your marks…”


The author’s left hand is visible.

The Boston Marathon is on Monday. Mine starts tomorrow morning.

I have to get up at 4:30 AM and be on the road by 5:30 in order to drive to Long Island for a dress rehearsal with the Long Island Youth Orchestra. The concert starts at 2:00, and immediately after I’m doing a book signing, all the proceeds from which will go to the orchestra’s scholarship fund. After that I can breathe. I’ve got some family members coming and we plan on having a “homecoming” dinner in Westbury, where I haven’t lived since 1970. I wonder if a slice of pizza at Frank’s is still 15-cents.

The concert begins with a piece I composed, “Overture in the Classical Style.” It has already gotten a couple performances in years past; one with the University of Utah Philharmonia, and the other with the Utah Arts Festival Orchestra. It’s inspired by Mozart and is totally tonal, for all those who were cringing at the thought of “contemporary” music. The piece I’m playing is “Havanaise” by Camille Saint-Saens, a crafty and totally enjoyable ten-minute piece of delightful fluff. The second half of the concert is the evocative “London” Symphony by Ralph Vaughan Williams. I heard the LIYO rehearsing last week and they sounded terrific. If you’re in the vicinity, please come to the concert at the Madison Auditorium at Molloy College in Merrick and say hello afterward!

My marathon continues on Monday, when I have to return to Boston because I have a BSO rehearsal on Tuesday morning. The finish line for me will be somewhat problematic because it happens to be the same finish line as the Boston Marathon. The Enterprise rental office is right there on Boylston Street. Maybe I’ll put a number on my dashboard and sprint to the tape with the runners.

So much for tonight’s blog. Have to catch some shut-eye.



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