It’s how you feel.

stell and jerry

The author as a young man, with his sister, Estelle. (circa 1890)

The other night I was warming up onstage before the concert at Symphony Hall. My stand partner for the Rachmaninoff song and the Letter Scene from Tchaikovsky’s opera, “Eugene Onegin,” was a lovely young freelance violinist named Jenny. Though she was probably born at about the time I left the Boston Symphony in 1988, over the past few years we’ve become good friends and colleagues.

Jenny came onstage and sat next to me. We said hello to each other, and as I often like to do when I’m warming up, I stopped warming up and began to chat. Jenny asked me when I had joined the BSO. I told her 1975. That seemed to confirm something for her that apparently she was confused about. She told me she had recently read some bio about me–it might have been from the article I recently wrote for the BSO program book. She looked at me somewhat wide-eyed. “I didn’t realize you were so old!” she said.

I took that in the best way, as it was intended.

old violinist

(Not really me.)


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