Book Launch!

Please join me for the launch event for my newest Daniel Jacobus murder mystery!

In Playing With Fire, a humble violin maker goes missing in the dead of a West Stockbridge winter and his shop is burned to the ground. How will cantankerous, blind violin teacher, Daniel Jacobus solve the baffling mystery?

Where: Shaker Mill Books, 3 Depot Street, West Stockbridge
When: This Sunday, July 31 at 7:00

Trade secrets will be revealed! Classical musicians, bring your own stories of shady instrument dealings to share with the unenlightened!
There will be music of Vivaldi (“Winter” from the Four Seasons to cool you off), food, and drink on the book store deck–weather permitting–overlooking the mighty Williams River. It doesn’t get better than that!
See you Sunday.

One thought on “Book Launch!

  1. Dale Nleosn

    Looking forward to this latest Jacobus mystery and your introduction of the book in Salt Lake City. I’m sure it’s quite different than Norman Rockwell.



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