Put a little Vivaldi in your Life


3 thoughts on “Put a little Vivaldi in your Life

  1. frances dearman

    Ah, that was sweet…… Thank you kindly, Jerry.

    And a happy holiday season full of joy and music and good company to you, too.

    Fran in Ontario, four December services down, just two more to go…… then home to Victoria for mid winter rest and renewal

    Interim Minister the Rev. Fran Dearman serving the Unitarian Universalist Church of Olinda, Essex County Ontario I read e-mail at random intervals; if your message is time sensitive, please telephone: home study land line: 519.398.8436 (home study and voice mail) dire emergency cell phone: 1.778.835.8616 (cell, no voice mail) ________________________________________


  2. rikstik@aol.com

    That was wonderful, Jerry. Even better than me playing “Great Balls of Fire” in my bathrobe. Seriously, thank you for sending it to me. It was my first classical music of the season. And my best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season for you and your family.



  3. Alaine Panitch

    This was delightful. Thanks so much a lovely way to end my rainy chilly day. Alaine Panitch friend of Darlene.

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