William Grandstaff revisited

In a past blog I wrote about William Grandstaff, an African American post-Civil War cattle rancher who was run off his land in Moab, Utah in 1881. I’ve had a pair of compositions based upon what we know of his life performed by the Moab Music Festival.

After fleeing Moab, he spent much of the remainder of his life in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Will Grandbois, a reporter at the local paper there, the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, has just written a very informative article about Grandstaff and his place in local history:

William Grandstaff Article



One thought on “William Grandstaff revisited

  1. Polly Kuelbs

    Just finished Playing with Fire.
    Wonderful. Learned many new things. Being an amateur violinist, I love to learn more.

    Just found Devil’s Trill at Half Price Books. Want to give it as a gift to my c
    Teacher. I know it’s out of print.
    Hope a new publisher will print it again.
    Truly enjoy all of your books.



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