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Gerald Elias, a featured performer on TEDxSaltLakeCity 2019 for his presentation,”War & Peace. And Music,” is an accomplished, versatile guest speaker, having presented throughout the country at dozens of public and private events. As a world class musician as well as a prize-winning author, his topics range from life as an international musician to the intrigues of  mystery writing, and may include performing on his violin upon request.

Whether it is for a book club or fund-raiser, at a book store, or as a guest lecturer, your event will be made more memorable by Gerald Elias!


For information about availability and fees, contact Gerald Elias at: noteworthy@geraldelias.com

Read what some satisfied customers have to say!

It was a pleasure to have Gerald present from our stage at TEDxSaltLakeCity 2019. The spoken word excerpt from his award-winning essay was a perfect blend of culture, history, philosophy, and humor. Gerald–with his diverse experience as a musician, conductor, composer, professor, and author–brought a level of professionalism to the event preparation that one could only achieve by having previously performed on hundreds of stages. He was graceful when receiving feedback, thoughtful when making edits, and helpful when other speakers struggled with their scripts. Gerald would be a great speaker or performer when the audience has an appetite for intellectual stimulation.             –Melanie Paris Jones, TEDxSaltLakeCity executive

Not just a terrific mystery writer, Gerald Elias is an accomplished violinist who is deeply knowledgeable about his subject matter. Whether he is discussing fiction or nonfiction, Elias brings his characters to life in a way that will leave you eager to read the next book! –Anne Holman, The King’s English Bookshop

If you like to invite authors to your book club to talk about their work, make sure to ask Gerald Elias. Not only is he a brilliant writer and musician, he can share his Ted Talk with your friends.                                                                                                                                  —Will Bagley, acclaimed author of “Blood of the Prophets.”

One of my favorite book events of all time was one for Gerald Elias’ first Danial Jacobus mystery, Devil’s Trill (2009).  Elias, himself a violinist (at the time associate concertmaster for the Utah Symphony), brought what he referred to as his “fiddle” to the event, and gifted the audience with a short performance.  I’ve never forgotten it.                                         –Robin Agnew, Aunt Agatha’s Bookstore

People arrive early for a Gerald Elias reading…. there’s a sense of anticipation, everyone wondering what trick he’ll pull out of his hat, or violin case, this time. He never fails them. Gerald’s presentation of Spring Break was a special event. As he read, growled and fiddled his way through his latest book, the audience witnessed him transmogrify from author to the curmudgeonly Daniel Jacobus to dazzling concert violinist, and back again. A real Tour de Force.                                                                                                                                      –Ginnie Curcio, owner of Stellina Restaurant in Watertown, MA which has had famously popular author nights for many years.

Jerry is a great special event for book clubs; both of mine joined forces for a riveting evening.  We got the full package. Reading the books delighted us for a month before. Then Jerry started the evening by presenting us with his TED talk, “War and Peace, and Music,” complete with music on his violin. He fielded questions and discussion of the books, all in his quiet, unassuming, always very dignified and authoritative manner.                          –Anne Chamberlin, author and book club organizer.

Our book club has been honored with two appearances by Gerald Elias. His first visit was to discuss his mystery novel “Devil’s Trill” a few years ago. He did such a great job leading our discussion about the book and about music in general. We learned so much. He is so personable and so knowledgeable about the music world. That led to his second visit to discuss his narrative “Symphonies and Scorpions” about his travel to Asia with the Boston Symphony.   He shared so many interesting stories about life with the symphony and then concluded with a few selections on his violin. We were completely enthralled. I need to find a reason to have him come back for a third time.                                                           —Suzanne Beatty



For information about availability and fees, contact Gerald Elias at: noteworthy@geraldelias.com