Please enjoy a leisurely stroll through my blog and check out whatever interests you, whether it’s music or mysteries, Westerns or whatever. I’ve never had a blog before, so your two cents are particularly welcome.

Front Floppy!


Here’s a sample of the music and story from Devil’s Trill I think you’ll enjoy: Audio Teaser
“PRE ORDER NOW: http://tinyurl.com/jehpm8u
Very exciting news! Devil’s Trill, a Mystery in Sonata-Allegro form—with music performed by the author–is now available for pre-order! You can buy it for yourself, give it as a gift, and even get it for FREE* through this link: http://tinyurl.com/jehpm8u 
Devil’s Trill is the ­first-ever audiobook to integrate musical passages that provide clues to solving the mysteries. Author­ Gerald Elias, a renowned concert violinist, performs the music himself.
Praise for the audiobook of Devil’s Trill:
World renowned violinist, Cho Liang Lin, says: ‘Reading Devil’s Trill was a nonstop page-turning pleasure. Now that the words are imbued with the author’s beautiful violin playing, this audio version will surely mesmerize.
*with a one-month trial subscription to Audible – at no cost! “

You can read about my books and reviews: Devil’s Trill, Danse Macabre, Death and the Maiden, and Death and Transfiguration. My newest mystery, PLAYING WITH FIRE, whit the book stands last summer.At my MUSIC TO DIE FOR page are performances of the music mentioned in my novels and my audio notes on these works.

To purchase any of the first quartet of

The Daniel Jacobus Mystery Series 

(Click here!)

Playing With Fire rev

Summer 2016 Release!

To orderPlaying With Fire”

(Click here!)

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  1. Patrick McDonnell

    There is a podcast called ‘The Next Track’ which is often about technical details of audio playback and listening. But they recently interviewed a detective author who references music in his stories (DCI Banks). I have written the podcast producers and suggested that they talk with you about music and its place in your stories and life.



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