DEVIL’S TRILL (2009) The first, award-winning Daniel Jacobus mystery. Jacobus confronts his personal demons in the form of an accursed Stradivarius violin that’s stolen from a violin competition that preys upon young prodigies. “Rich in music detail and featuring a fabulously roguish cast, Devil’s Trill will delight music lovers and mystery fans alike.” –Barnes & Noble Great New Writers selection.

DANSE MACABRE (2010) After a beloved, internationally renowned violinist is brutally murdered with an unknown weapon, Jacobus reluctantly investigates whether the virtuoso’s young rival was the killer. “This book should not be missed.” –Aunt Agatha’s Top Ten

DEATH & THE MAIDEN (2011) Members of a renowned string quartet mysteriously disappear, one by one. “Fast-paced and punchily written.” –Library Journal

DEATH & TRANSFIGURATION (2012) A tyrannical maestro with blood on his hands covers up a dark past. “Brilliant and captivating on every level.” –Booklist (starred review)

PLAYING WITH FIRE (2016) A suspicious fire at Ye Olde Violin Shoppe on Christmas Eve leads Jacobus along a perilous trail of death. “(Elias) has the reader on the edge of the seat till the end.” –Stringendo Magazine

SPRING BREAK (2017) Sexual harassment turns deadly at an elite music conservatory. “This is a very deftly written murder mystery…and guaranteed to please this magazine’s readership.” –The Strad Magazine

DANCES WITH DEATH (Devil’s Trill & Danse Macabre). 2018 The first two award-winning installments of the Daniel Jacobus mystery series, now in a single volume! “A musical feast for mystery and music lovers.”–Library Journal (starred review)



DEVIL’S TRILL (2017) A diabolical Stradivarius is stolen from Carnegie Hall, and a prominent violin teacher is slain. “Slow burn suspense…a solid mystery.” Audiofile (10CDs/12 hours)

DANSE MACABRE (2017) The grisly murder of a beloved violin virtuoso reveals unsavory secrets. “The twists and turns of his plotting will keep readers guessing.” –Booklist  (7CDs/8 ½ hours)

DANCES WITH DEATH (Devil’s Trill & Danse Macabre) (2018) (Available as an Audible download exclusive)


MISTER E’s MYSTERIES (2018) Three tantalizing short mysteries in every volume. “Sparkling gems of the mystery genre.” –iBerkshires

Complete Six Volume Set

Volume 1:  Sleeping Beauty, Head in the Sand, Make Mine a Double

Volume 2:  Buffaloed, The Circle of Fifths, Viral

Volume 3:  Tutti Frutti, Brotherhood, A Family Plot

Volume 4:  Pea Soup, Oh Give Me a Home, Asparagus

Volume 5:  Christmas Concerto, Where the Buffalo Roam, Fool Me Once

Volume 6:  Where Seldom Is Heard a Discouraging Word, The Case of the Burqa-ed Busker, The Day After Memorial Day


A Student of History (2013) PTSD rationalized. –Kwik Krimes, ed. Otto Penzler

Snagged (2013) Proud Victor Maravich doesn’t take kindly to betrayal.Dead Cold, Victoria Dougherty blog

Pea Soup (2014) The famous New England fog is a metaphor for the state of mind of an inbred backwoodsman.  –Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #14

Christmas Concerto (2014) Uncle Percy’s demise at a posh senior citizen home is not what it seems.  –Rogue Wave, pub. Level Best. (Al Blanchard Award Finalist)

Where the Buffalo Roam (2015) Monk Hammond’s disappearance coincides with a shindig of politicos on Antelope Island in Utah.  –Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Brotherhood (2015) Does a distraught string bass player get away with killing the conductor? –Red Dawn, pub. Level Best

The Day After Memorial Day (2015) A preternatural experience at the Rockdale Cemetery claims poor Milos Eisitch. –Berkshire Magazine

Sleeping Beauty (2017) A prima ballerina relives her tragic past. –Noir at the Salad Bar, pub. Level Best

In Bocca al Lupo (2018) You can’t fool Daniel Jacobus, even in a short story! –Landfall, pub. Level Best


SYMPHONIES & SCORPIONS. 2017 An insider’s (my) look at the world of an orchestral musician, seen from the backdrop of two historic Boston Symphony tours to China.“Fascinating storytelling combined with his perceptive backstories.” –iBerkshires


Please visit my Music to Die For page, where you can hear me perform the music mentioned in my first four novels and read my audio notes on these works.

To listen to an entertaining interview about the Daniel Jacobus series and hear me perform some of the “title music” live, here’s a link to the syndicated radio show, Highway 89.














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